Topo Chico/Drinkaware 5% alcohol use @aimeemusicofficial. #cococola

After a very exciting & busy week, I wanted nothing more than to get out in that sunshine! 😏 So I packed the picnic basket- including a delicious can of Topo Chico- and we hit the back garden for a cute little picnic☀️
Topo Chico is the tastiest hard seltzer I’ve tried, I’m obsessed! Full of flavour, with 96 calories per can 🤩 Perfect for the summer evenings ahead. You can pick it up in stores and off licenses across the country.
For me, #TopoChicoTime is spending a weekend out in the sunshine with my specials.
What’s yours? 😊
Please remember to always drink responsibly and visit for more information. #TopoChicoTime #Ad @topochicohs4d

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