Anheuser-Busch use @kellyrowland for @brutalfruitsa #alcoholad

adies so happy and how they carried themselves and became one #YouBelong and also seeing @KELLYROWLAND
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We’re rewarding Brutal Fruit Spritzer fans with the chance to be the FIRST to discover the whole story of our #YouBelong campaign with @kellyrowland . Your e-vite to our private premiere gives you access to special content– so keep an eye out.

Brutal Fruit

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We celebrated South African women with the help of @KELLYROWLAND to spread the message that #YouBelong RT and tell us how YOU belong, and you could be sipping on some sparkling Brutal Fruit Spritzer on us

Anheuser-Busch use @ludmilla #alcoholad

Budweiser Brasil


Tem momentos que só a Bud pra proporcionar, como levar a @ludmilla
pra beira da quadra das Finals da @nba
em Boston!Dá o play na nossa cobertura e conta pra gente: O que você faria para ter uma experiência dessas? #TBT #BebaComModeração #NBAComBud #BudmillaNasFinals

Anheuser-Busch use Moozlie #CastleLite #alcoholad

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@moozlie got the memo! With #SaveYourSummer in place, there’ll be good vibez ONLY in her house. Tell us how you’re enjoying your Summer with an extra cold #CastleLite?

#SaveYourSummer with #CastleLite in hand surrounded by family and friends at home 🍻

I really enjoy my castlelite after a long day sitting with my family re collecting our thoughts and planning for the future #SaveYourSummer #CastleLite

Anheuser-Busch and FIFA World Cup Qatar use Neymar to introduce young, immature people to alcohol. #alcoholad


His whole life the eyes of a nation have been on him. Some players shrink under the lights, @neymarjr grows. The goals, assists, the tricks and flicks, he’s bringing back joga bonito. Now he just needs to bring back that trophy.

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