Raro Lae selling Bud Light strong alcohol for Anheuser Busch

It looks like I was a little naughty this year 😏 I know I’m not the only boss chick that in-between securing the bag and ensuring we exceed our clients expectations, we may have ordered that delicious ‘home cooked meal’ that bae thought we sweated over the stove for! (🤣😅🤦🏾‍♀️). Well… maybe it’s only me… but all I know is that I will never tell anyone that my “homemade” strawberry margaritas are not actually homemade and thanks to the amazing bold, rich and authentic taste of @RITAS no one will ever know! My secret’s safe with y’all right?!
This holiday season, take one thing off of your to-do list and secure some STRAW-BER-RITA and be the Santa of your household! I’m sure they’ll love you EVEN MORE knowing you went with @RITAS! ⚠️LINK IN MY BIO⚠️ #OwnYourFlavor #Ritas #ad

minashe___sells Budweiser alcohol

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កេីយខ្នេីយ កេីយកាតាប តុទូរអីកេីយហេីយអស់ នៅឡេីយកេីយលេីស្មារបង 🤌🏻