Molson Coors use @thewhitmore for Carling #alcoholad


The Black Lion

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AD Cheers to the weekend! Happy to be supporting our local. Some of my favourite memories are from an impromptu night at my local pub. A little community in a big city that’s a home away from home.
I went to a comedy gig on my first date with my partner ( HIS idea not mine 😂) it was ok but we didn’t talk because we were in a dark room watching a man I didn’t know tell jokes on the stage. It was only in the pub after that the date got good. When we chatted, it was relaxed and safe… and easy. Many of the traits of our local.
What’s your favourite memory from your local?@CarlingUK #supportyourlocal

Anheuser-Busch use Rafa Kalimann-Brahma #alcoholad #alcoholaware

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  • rafakalimann's profile picturerafakalimannVerifiedCarnaval chegou e eu já to com meu primeiro look pra curtir! Montei ele junto com a Ambev, todo de lacre, representando as latinhas que fazem a nossa festa, quem também amou? 😍

    É também uma homenagem aos catadores e ambulantes, esse ano a Ambev está apoiando mais de 32 mil ambulantes e catadores na retomada do carnaval, e que a gente sabe que não seria nada sem eles, né?

    Me contem se vocês usariam também ✨

    #BebaComModeração *publi

Anheuser-Busch use Hannah Aldoroty – Bud Light #alcoholad #alcoholaware

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